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Nemesis Rail locos haul Silver Bullets out of Cornwall
On the 30th November 2011, one of the rarest workings to be recorded in the South West this year occurred when Nemesis Rail's Oxford Blue liveried 47375 and Fastline liveried 56302 worked the 6Z23 10:00 Burngullow to Burton consisting of fourteen stored silver bullets. I photographed the train thrashing over Largin viaduct between Bodim Parkway and Liskeard, passing Shaldon Bridge near Teignmouth and passing Bathpool just north of Taunton. The Spoon and Grid worked light engine down to Par on the 28th November and carried out the required shunting movements the next day. 

CrossCountry Services diverted via Gloucester, Lydney and Newport
On the 27th November 2011, The 1V48 08:10 Leeds to Plymouth and 1E67 15:23 Plymouth to Leeds return, 1V50 09:00 Leeds to Plymouth and 1E73 1625 Plymouth to Leeds return and the 1S56 12:25 Plymouth to Edinburgh all operated by Crosscountry HSTs were diverted via Newport and the Lydney line due to engineering works in the Yate area. I photographed 43301/304 on the 1V48 and 43378/321 on the 1V50. The 1V50 was running slightly late therefore it missed out pick-up points such as Gloucester.

Tornado and King Edward 1st working in South Wales
On the 26th November 2011, I photographed 6024 King Edward 1st at Ponthir hauling the 1Z23 Eastleigh to Shrewsbury Marches Monarch. I then photographed 60163 Tornado at Undy and Ponthir working the 1Z31 London Paddington to Shrewsbury Cathedrals Express.

The Royal Train visits Newport Station
On the 21st November 2011, I photographed 67006 and 67005 working the 1X01 Royal Train at Newport, awaiting departure before heading north up the marches.

Northern Belle with DRS '47s', Ex-Malcolm 66412, 6B33 and 6O78
On the 19th November 2011, I photographed 47828 leading 47832 powering the 1Z80 Cardiff Central to Kensington Olympia Northern Belle departing Bath. I then went to Shrivenham and photographed Ex-Malcolm liveired 66412 powering the 4V34 Felixstowe to Bristol Freightliner Terminal. Finally I went to Milton near Didcot photographing DBS 60054 on the 6B33 Theale to Margam empty murco bogie tanks and 66744 on the 6078 Llanwern to Dollands Moor at South Moreton.

Arriva liveried '57s' go on Pendolino Drag and RHTT '97s' at Conwy
On the 12th November 2011, I photographed Br Two Tone Green 47773 leading the 1Z22 Tyseley to Carlisle (as far as Crewe) at Dunston. I then went to North Wales and to the well-known Conwy Castle location. I photographed 97303 and 97304 working the 3S71 Holyhead to Crewe RHTT and Arriva Train Wales liveried 57314 powering the 1D83 London Euston to Holyhead. After a loco swap at Holyhead, I photographed 57316 leading 390019 on the returning 1A55 Holyhead to London Euston on the Isle of Anglesey at Valley and at Colwyn Bay on the North Wales Coastline.

Network Rail '97s' continue to work the RHTT to the Isle of Anglesey
On the 5th November 2011, I photographed a filthy 97304 leading 97302 on the 3S71 Crewe to Holyhead RHTT at Penmaenmawr. I then went to the Isle of Anglesey and photographed 97304 again. I then photographed the returning 3S71 to Crewe with 97302 leading on the approach to Valley in a lucky patch of sun. I photographed the RHTT train again awaiting departure from Valley station.

Railfreight Grey liveried 20227 and Br Blue 20096 work the RHTT
On the 24th October 2011, I went to Barnetby and photographed Railfreight liveried 20227 and Br Blue liveried 20096 making their debuts on the RHTT this year. I photographed 20096 leading the 3S13 Wrenthorpe to Grimsby at New Barnetby and then photographed a rather faded 20227 leading the returning 3S14 Grimsby to Malton at Melton Ross. I then went to Ecclesfield and photographed 20227 top-and-tailed with 20096 powering the 3S14 Grimsby to Malton towards Sheffield and then returning with 20096 leading. I finally went to Cossington and photographed DBSO 9708 leading a test train with 31285 on the rear south and DB Schenker's 67029 leading 82146 on the 3J93 West Hampstead to Toton.

TATA liveried Tug works the 6E54 Kingsbury to Humber empty tanks
On the 22nd October 2011, I went to Chellaston and photographed Tata liveried 60099 powering the mighty 6E54 Kingsbury to Humber empty tanks.

The Flying Scotsman and Heritage Class '20s' working the Sandite trains
On the 21st October 2011, I visited Barnetby to photograph Heritage liveried Choppers working the Rail-Head Treatment train. I photographed Br Blue 20142 and Br Green 20189 working from Wrenthorpe to Grimsby at New Barnetby and returning to Malton at Melton Ross. I also photographed Shanks liveried 66522 and GBRf liveried 66711 on coal trains. I then went to Colton junction near York and photographed Flying Scotsman set 91101 working the 1S14 Kings Cross to Edinburgh. I also photographed Colas Rail liveried 66849 working from Wolshingham. I photographed the Heritage '20s' again heading towards Malton on the 3S13 and then finally Two Tone Grey 20905 and 901 working from York to Gilberdyke.

NR '97s' working North Wales Coast RHTT & DRS '37s' on Pathfinder Tour
On the 15th October 2011, I went to Rugeley Trent Valley and photographed 57601 leading 47237 on the 1Z33 Milton Keynes to Carlisle (as far as Crewe for Steam 46201 foward). 92017 was quickly catching the tour with the Tesco Express. I decided upon the Moss Pit location for the 1Z29 Bristol Temple Meads to Monk Bretton Pathfinder railtour which was being led by DRS 37611 and 37601. Originally the class '37s' were booked to work the tour from Crewe with the DB '66' working from Bristol, however this method was reversed and 66024 replaced the tractors at Crewe. 60065 and 66155 were also used on the railtour. I then went on the North Wales coastline and photographed Network Rail's 97304 leading 97303 on the 3S71 Holyhead to Crewe IEMD RHTT exiting Penmaenmawr tunnel. I then went to the popular Penmaenmawr roundabout location for the Holyhead Drag which was being led by 57309. I then ended the day in the Warrington area, photographing 60045 working the 6F07 and 56018 in the Arpley yard.

70009 becomes the first Class '70' to work the 4V64
On the 8th October 2011, Freightliner's 70009 worked the 4V64 Crewe Basford Hall to Cardiff Wentloog and return freightliner. I photographed the freightliner at Ponthir. On the 30th September 2011, I photographed Ex-Malcolm liveried 66412 making its debut for Freightliner working the 4V51 Southampton to Wentloog and 4O57 return.

Recent Sunrise and Sunset shots added. Click here to view the photos.

50049+50044 departs Canton for the Severn Valley Railway
On the 3rd October 2011, Large Logo liveried 50049 looking resplendent making its mainline comeback led Br Blue liveried 50044 as the 0Z50 Cardiff Canton to Kidderminster. I photographed the light engine move at Caldicot.

Cornwall's Saturday Sleeper ECS to Laira and RHTT starts!
On the 1st October 2011, I visited both the South Devon Railway and Bodmin and Wenford Railway and managed to photographed 3 heritage diesel locomotives - 25262, 33002 and 47306. Inbetween, I photographed 43027 leading 43180 as the 0Z77 Laira to Laira via Newton Abbot at South brent, 57604 leading 57605 on the 5Z40 Penzance to Laira Sleeper ECS at Largin and 66199+66006 on the rhtt at St Pinnock viaduct.

Rail-Head Treatment Trains begin in South Wales with 66175/176
On the 30th September 2011, I photographed 66176 and 66175 top-and-tailing the Rail Head Treatment train (RHTT) working as the 3S59 Bristol Barton Hill (21:07) to Bristol Barton Hill (13:04) via Westbury, Avonmouth, Radyr, Merthyr Tydfil, Mountain Ash, Ebbw Vale, Moreton-on-Lugg and Weston-Super-Mare. I photographed the sheds at Llandevenny and approaching Severn Tunnel junction running early as usual.

60007 makes first appearance on 6B13 since repaint into DBS livery
On the 28th September 2011, I photographed 60007 'The Spirit of Tom Kendell' working the 6B13 Robeston to Westerleigh loaded murco bogie tanks for the first time since its repaint into DB Schenker livery. The Tug carries the slogan 'Switch on to Safety'. I photographed the train at Undy and Portskewett. Photographs taken later in the week of this train will also be uploaded to this collection.

Rare appearances for Class '59s' in South Wales on engineers train
On the 24th September 2011, EWS liveried 59203 and Yeoman liveried 59002 paired up together on the 6W44 20:29 Westbury to Heath Junction (near Cardiff Queen Street) engineers train. The following day, the pair return in very dull weather powering the 6W44 10:30 Heath Junction to Westbury, photographed at Llandevenny, Bishton.

Freight and Passenger trains diverted via the Vale of Glamorgan line
On the 24th September 2011, I went to FontyGary between Aberthaw and Barry to photograph 60071 working the 6B13 Robeston to Westerleigh loaded murco bogie tanks diverted via the Vale of Glamorgan line due to engineering works. I photographed the tug again at Woolaston before visiting Llandevenny to photograph 66093 on the 4E66 (which was also diverted via the VOG) and 70011 working the 4F56 Uskmouth to Portbury.

DRS '37s' work test train between Newport, Gloucester and Bristol
On the 15th September 2011, I photographed DRS 37059 and 37604 working the 1Q13 Bristol Temple Meads to Bristol Temple Meads via Newport, Gloucester, Bristol Parkway and return via Cliftdon Down. I photographed the tractors approaching Portskewett following 60071 on 6B13. I also photographed the DRS locos the following day working the 1Q13 Bristol Temple Meads to Bristol Temple Meads via Taunton, Weston-Super-Mare , Avonmouth and Severn Tunnel junction arriving into Severn Tunnel junction.

Double headed Colas '66s' work Dollands Moor to Llanwern steel train
On the 13th September 2011, I photographed Colas Rail liveried 66745 leading 66742 at Undy working the 6Z78 Dollands Moor to Llanwern covered steel train.

WCRC 33207 hauls Tangmere to Carnforth via marches
On the 8th September 2011, I photographed WCRC 33207 hauling Tangmere 34067 tender first and a support coach, working as the 5Z72 Bishops Lydeard to Carnforth at Bishton.

Br Blue 50044 works PTG tour on the North Wales Coast
On the 4th September 2011, I visited North Wales to photograph 50044 powering the 1Z50 Holyhead to Llanwrst and 1Z51 Llanwrst to London Euston 'Snowdon Ranger' PTG tour. 50044 had to be turned round via the Valley triangle to lead the tour out of Anglesey. This was due to a problem of power from the one cab end. I photographed the 1Z50 PTG tour approaching Valley, passing Penmaenmawr, on the Blaenau Ffestiniog branch at Glan Conwy. The tour was unable to visit Blaenau Ffestiniog due to the stock consisting of MK3s which are banned. I photographed the 1Z51 return from Llanwrst at Llandudno junction with 57309 leading, and then at Colwyn Bay, Leaton near Shrewsbury, Marston Green and Berkswell with 50044 leading.

Deltic 55022 works Pathfinder railtour to Weymouth
On the 3rd September 2011, I photographed 55022 leading the 1Z75 Crewe to Weymouth Pathfinder railtour at Newton St Loe near Bath.

67016 becomes the first class '67' to visit Long Marston
On the 2nd September 2011, I photographed 67016 hauling a delayed 6Z36 Didcot yard to Long Marston consisting a long rake of Cargowagons. I photographed the train at Haresfield just north of Standish junction.

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